General Questions

Do I need a will ?

Yes ! To prevent your heirs from fighting in a time of mourn and struggle, a will sets out everything clearly. A will is of great value when you want your assets to be fully utilized after your death.

What assets do I bequeath in my will ?

Any assets - usually tangible assets such as property, vehicles, machinery, equipment, furniture and jewellery as well as intangible assets such as patents, trademarks and businesses.

When do I report a deceased estate ?

Report to the Master within 14 days from date of death.

What is the purpose and role of an executor ?

The executor is the person who is named in a will to carry out the wishes of the deceased. The executor's main purpose is to protect the assets in the estate, to make distributions to beneficiaries and to pay all debts and taxes of the estate. The executor's role is to ensure that the funds in the estate is not mismanaged.

If a family member is nominated as an executor in a will, may he / she obtain assistance from a third party, such as Estate Support?

Yes, if an executor who is nominated does not have the necessary knowledge to manage the estate, he / she can make use of a party who can provide professional assistance.

What can I do now to reduce estate taxes ?

Contact us for a consultation and we can discuss all the possibilities and provide tax structures which will best suit your estate.These structures include capital gains tax calculations and how you can minimise it.

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